Seed Cleaning Plant Management Software

Grain and Seed Storage


For many seed cleaning plants, seed and grain storage is an integral part of their seed processing business. SCPM seed cleaning plant software manages all aspects of your seed storage and shipping.

If you store grain for your customers you can initialize and manage your grain bins in this module. SCPM lets you accept grain for storage from external sources. You can also designate a storage bin in the outgoig load side of the seed cleaning module to store the cleaned grain in.

Grain in storage can be shipped to or hauled by the customer, or you can designate a third party to ship the grain to. SCPM keeps a full transaction log of all grain in and out of storage. If you ship grain from storage to a third party it generates documentation to record the destination of the grain along with the shipping information.

Throughout the process SCPM keeps track of seed certificate numbers and lot numbers.


  • Transfer outgoing loads from the seed cleaning side to storage
  • Accept grain for storage from an external source
  • Set up and manage new bins
  • Record each incoming and outgoing load in storage
  • SCPM ensures that certified seed gets stored in bins with the same customer, certificate number and lot number
  • Ability to make adjustments to bin quantities and transactions
  • Reporting to let you view the status of all bins and bins for a particular customer
  • Reporting on all transactions for a period or transactions for a specific customer