Seed Cleaning Plant Management Software

Inventory Control


SCPM has a very powerful inventory management function. It not only allows you to maintain stock levels on items that you resell, but it also tracks the screenings you have purchased as well as quantities of non-tangible items like services and labour provided. Items are tagged and accounted for by supplier and by product code.

The inventory module allows you to initially categorize each item as either cleaning, screenings or resale. Further classification is maintained by supplier and product code. 

Items can have different pricing methods for sales: by mark-up, by margin, or by manually determined sales price. Each pricing scheme can have up to 5 price levels.


  • In depth product and supplier coding for detailed sales analysis
  • Various pricing schemes and up to 5 levels of pricing 
  • Specify, hard and soft inventory items
  • Specify environmental levies or core charges for applicable items
  • Stats reports by supplier or product code show quantities, sales and margins by indicidual code and total for the selected period
  • Recording and tracking of any changes to cost prices
  • Easily view stock levels, period-to-date and year-to-date sales
  • Specify min, max and economic order quantities for hard stock items
  • Check for iems below predetermined stock levels for purchase order creation