Seed Cleaning Plant Management Software

Order Entry & Invoicing


The order entry and invoicing module lets you generate invoices for items that you sell from inventory such as chemicals, dust masks and ag tools. It also takes a completed seed cleaning job and converts it to an invoice. The order entry module also allows you to sell miscellaneous items that are not normally stocked in inventory.

On completion of the invoice, the order entry module updates the inventory quantities and if it is a grain cleaning job, it updates the cleaning statistics module. The order entry module allows you to accept immediate payment as well as posting to the customer's accounts receivable file.

Additional features like core deposits and environmental levies further enhance the functionality of the order entry module. 


  • Convert seed cleaning jobs to invoices with a few simple keystrokes
  • Grain cleaning invoices can be edited to add more items to the order
  • Allows sale of both stocked and non-stocked inventory items 
  • Comprehensive invoice shows certificate and lots numbers
  • Allows 5 different pricing levels depending on customer loyalty or other pre-determined criteria
  • Auto updates inventory and statistics modules on invoice completion
  • Maintain open orders and add to them as the job progresses
  • Environmental levies or other core charges automatically applied to the invoice
  • Accept pre-payments or unapplied credits towards a job
  • Extensive reporting including transaction journals and tender reports