Seed Cleaning Plant Management Software

Screenings Management


Your customer may haul their screenings home for their own use, or you have two options if you buy and sell screenings. You can buy their screenings outright and pay them out as a credit on the grain cleaning invoice, or you may simply hold and accumulate them for later resale to a third party.

If you hold the screenings for resale in the future, SCPM will track whose screenings you are holding and the quantities involved. After shipping you can then portion out part of the proceeds of the screenings sale to your customers depending on the amount of screenings sold and the percentage of screenings that belonged to your customers.


  • Dispose of screenigs at the end of the cleaning job to the customer, or purchase the screenings or hold them for future resale
  • Listing of screenings in storage along with customer quantities
  • Listing of transactions for grain screenings
  • Listing of complete screenings in stock or on hold

Screen Shots and Sample Reports