Seed Cleaning Plant Management Software

Seed Cleaning


SCPM is a cost-effective solution to the transaction processing and financial management requirements of seed plants. SCPM, seed cleaning plant software has all the necessary functions to perform your day to day functions. The seed processing module has all the tools you need to manage load-in/load-outs, maintain customer batches of seed, track certified seed through the cleaning process, and finally generate an customer invoice for the seed cleaning.

The seed cleaning module is the foundation of the seed cleaning section of your business. SCPM maintains seed batches per customer and operates on a load-in/ load-out basis. Once the job is complete, you can convert the seed cleaning job to create a customer invoice. SCPM accounts for screenings and shrinkage and allows you to purchase the screenings if you wish. Screenings purchased are shown as a credit on your customer's invoice.

If you wish, screenings can also be held and tracked by customer for later shipment to a commoditites dealer and pay-out to the customer.


  • Load-In / Load-Out functionality for managing and tracking seed cleaning
  • Handles up to a maximum of 999 loads per cleaning batch
  • Ability to modify and edit loads in a batch
  • Tracks certififed seed and lot numbers
  • Operates in pounds or kilograms and converts to bushels automatically
  • Ability to reprint a scale ticket at any time
  • Screenings and shrinkage are accounted for at the end of the cleaning job
  • Ability to view the entire activity to date of a cleaning batch
  • On completion of a cleaning job SCPM can generate a customer invoice